Edmonton is Home! YEG is home!

Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, is located in about the middle of the province with a growing population of more than one million people in the capital Edmonton region. In addition to Edmonton, the capital region includes St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, and Leduc.

Edmonton has a strong economy with a range of job and business opportunities. As most of Alberta, Edmonton is experiencing economic growth due natural resources such as oil and gas. These projects benefit businesses, employees, and suppliers. As well, the construction and retail industries benefit by the additional demand. Also, the development of non-resource based industries such as software development and biomedical research help to diversify the Edmonton economy. Edmonton has a low unemployment rate of less than 5% providing opportunity for workers to find jobs.

Edmonton is recognized as a leader in education, including children’s education, college and university training.  As well, it is known as centre of research.

In Edmonton, (as part of the Alberta health care system) everyone has access to world class health care available through our public care system.

Edmonton is proud to be known as Canada’s Festival City with arts and cultural activities throughout the year. We have a clean, safe community with lots of green space.

Yes, our weather varies! We have warm weather in the summer and cold and snow in the winter. Many residents take advantage of the seasons by enjoying the variety of recreational activities that are offered by the different seasons from summer camping, boating & biking to winter skiing & sledding.

Edmonton has a gorgeous river valley and extensive green system of parks and natural areas. Programs are in place to protect the river valley. Edmonton’s parks offer a diverse range of recreation activities. As well, Edmonton is located within a few hours of several lakes and the Rocky Mountains providing great week-end trips.

While the Edmonton economy has created opportunities for employment, it has created a demand in the housing market. Although prices have increased, it is reported that Edmonton is still among the most affordable compared to other major Canadian cities. In Edmonton, we are fortunate to have strong employment opportunities and wages while enjoying affordable home ownership. The Housing Trends and Affordability Report issued Tuesday by RBC Economics shows that Edmonton is affordable ...especially compared to other cities. Basically unchanged from the previous report, Edmonton's housing affordability measure was 33.5 in the fourth quarter...which means that it would take about 33.5% of a typical household's pre-tax income for home ownership expenses. The RBC housing affordability measures the pre-tax household income needed to service the costs of owning a home at market values. RBC's housing affordability measure in Canada's largest cities in the fourth quarter of 2014 was: Vancouver 82.4 (down 1.2 percentage points from Q3); Toronto 56.8 (up 0.8 percentage points); Montreal 37.3 (unchanged); Ottawa 36.0 (up 0.2 percentage points); Calgary 33.7 (down 0.6 percentage points); Edmonton 33.5 (up 0.1 percentage points) The 'measure' is based on the calculated costs of owning a detached bungalow at market value. The higher the reading, the more difficult it is to afford a home at market values. Therefore, a reading of 30 means that homeownership costs, including your mortgage payments, utilities and property taxes, would take up 30% of a typical household's monthly pre-tax income for home ownership costs.

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